funked-up fine art photography

they helped me find the funk


 I'd be remiss if I didn't thank...

God for all of His blessings.

My Dad for all of his love and hard work. He has accomplished, in my humble opinion, so much in his life. I also hope to remain as incredibly ''youthful'' as he has.

My Mom for all of her love and sacrifice. She has helped teach me how to love and care for others. She has also helped me to appreciate, and not take for granted, the beauty that surrounds us.

My Uncle Fred Preisler and brother Jim for introducing me to photography and showing me what it means to be passionate about it.

My brother Jerry for, among many other things, loaning me his Pentax camera when I was back in college. That's when I first took some ''serious'' photographs and experienced the passion for myself.

My sister Janet for being of incredible support to me in pursuing my dream.

My sister Judy for being there for me when I have needed someone the most.

My sister-in-law Jan for the compliment of my work.

My niece Kelsy for confirming the funk. It was Kelsy who was sitting next to me when I funked up my first photograph. I know I was excited and thought it was cool, but when I turned to look at Kelsy, and she was looking back at me with a facial expression that was the same as what I was feeling, well, I knew I had found the funk.

My nephew Jason for checking out my web site so often and the words of encouragement.

My niece Jennifer for her compliments and putting one of my photos up on her office wall.

My niece Laura for sending me an e-mail out of the blue saying that her Uncle Jay's photos are cool.

Robert Rogge for his wonderful friendship and guidance. I love to make people laugh, but Bob is the person who makes me laugh.

Pastor Eberhart for his spiritual guidance.

Wanda Callahan for giving me the push I needed to pursue this.

Lisa Earles for being the first person to call my photographs ''beyond cool.'' Lisa is beyond cool.

Alice Rathburn for being the first person to call my photographs ''art.''

Harry Brown for helping me to face some tough issues one by one, for helping me to get to know myself better, for helping me to rediscover what really is important and for helping me to remember to have fun. I feel very fortunate to have met Harry. I'm going to miss him.

G.R. Wurster, James McHugh, Larry Ro-Trock, Stephen Samuelson, David Brown and John Burke for all of their help and guidance.

KC Magazine,,, and Raoul's Velvet Room for giving me the time of day.

Dr. Fred Hartwig, Pastor Tom van Duzer, Susanne Ryan, Tami Watts, Marissa Flynn, Chandra DeMaria, Kelly Marinelli, Brad Verkamp, Linda Salsbury, Brandie Zschietzschmann, Kato Woo, Barry Kaseff, Eric Kaseff, Julie Carlberg, Bruce Peters, Michael Maher, Kathy Durheim, Cindy Smith, Rachel Stelmach, Matt Abbott, Rachael Moon, Bobbi Storm, Emily Geng, Felisha Mason, Nick Koontz, Patrick Carter, Larry Broxterman, Bruce Watson, Koytt "Nick" Nichols, Frank "SuperFrank" Copsidas, Kelly Montgomery, Janel Thiessen, Kurt Oetting, Michael L. Bulleigh, Michael Peterson, Mike Williams, Patricia Jacobs, Rob Canent, Sharmie Simon, Shawn Joslin, Stephanie Bradley, Stephen Luton, Terry Lyons, Teyah Pickell-Younger, Todd Fullerton, Trip McMillan, Lorri Hunt, Mark Sawicki, Mark Sheldon, Mary Bombeck, Matthew Robinson, Bess Duston, Sue Hunter, Janet Simpson, Kathy Aron Dowell, Lori Bennett, Thom McNamara, Ed Sinofsky, Joe Goodwin, Kathy Dix, James Scott, Michelle Chason, Joni Reese, Tanya Terrell, Robin Bunch, Michelle Steele, Darcie, Karen Black, Wendi Mair, Robert Calbi, Lorrie Woods, Len and Cheryl Fischer, Barbara Henslee, Celia Luna, Cory Fisher, Darryl Siefker, Eric Leonardelli, Geraldine Capitan, Jeff Carranza, John Bellome, John Cheriachangel, Andy Rogers, Beverly Hayden, Edna Smith, Susan Speck, Victoria LaCosse, Stephanie Corder, Melody Solace, Jill Harralson, Al Kuhl, Nancy Teson, Lori Norlen, Kay Elliot, Janis Boman, Monet Kietzman, Pam Woodroof, Chris Burns, Sherry Schoonbeck, Wendy Wagoner, Rozan White, Amy Lyle, Kathy Conley, Mike Addington, Colleen Lockett, Lois Vogel, Barbara Schaaf-Petty, Melonie Jones, Gwen Burmaster, Winkie Smith, Tiffany Kotz, Jane Hansen, Jack Fortini, Sharon Miller, Tim Cox, Melanie Esterline, Tammy Scheible, Sandi Blood, Angie Alves, Ann Boldt, Denise Palatas, Donna Bottemuller, Maria Olvera, Susan Pifer, Jocelyn Ervin, Gina Harvey, Laura Sotir, Cynthia Dalberg, Amanda Kruenegel, Sylvia Garven, Pam Gawtry, Rachel Chambers, Cheri Tabel, Susan Crawford, Beth Miller, Sheila Bowren, Kay Barnes, Aaryn Greer, Mike Dale, Gail McElrone, Tom Seltz, Brian Bullock, Nathan Green, Rob Allen, Shawn McClenny, Brenda McCurry, Terrence Dunn, Sandy, Sherry, Mary, and Pat for their compliments and encouragement over the years. It is the words of encouragement and compliments that make it easier to share my art, which is very personal, with the public.