What Does "Funked Up" really Mean

Almost everyone who sees my photographs asks me how I make them look the way I do.  The longer answer is below.  For a short answer, I just say it has been funked up.  

I start by taking a film or digital photograph.  Once taken and with the image in digital form, I open it in my film-scanner’s software.  I then manually and laboriously adjust the software to interpret the colors not as they actually “appear” but as I want them to be.  

Sometimes the change is dramatic while other times it is more subtle.  The only requirement I have is that the final result be a blending of the real with the surreal.  I want people to look at the image and say, “Well, that part looks like the real world, but that part doesn’t.”

During this journey, I have learned how certain colors, shaded areas, and subjects tend to appear after going through the process.  So at the moment of taking a photograph, I have an idea of how it will look in the end, and I am thinking, “This is going to funk up nicely.”  

To clarify, my art does not involve multiple exposures or computer created subjects.  It does not involve Adobe Photoshop filters or effects.  My art is one exposure of a real, actual scene from this world.