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Fine Art Photos and Photographs by Kansas City Artist and Photographer Jay Coffelt: THE INTRIGUE PARK PLACE HOTEL
'Me as a Tree' by Jay Coffelt






The Intrigue Park Place Hotel

'Intrigue Park Place Hotel' by Jay Coffelt

The Ramada Intrigue Park Place Hotel is located in Kansas City, Missouri. In October 2005, I was contacted by the hotel, as renovation of the hotel was underway, and they wanted art. But not just any art. Not your typical, run-of-the-mill hotel art. No, they wanted something different. Something cool. And something Kansas City.

We agreed to work together, and the result is I am supplying art throughout the hotel. While the entire hotel is "Kansas City," each of the hotel's seventeen floors, that are spread over two towers, has a distinct Kansas-City theme. One tower has "geographic" themes representing the areas, districts and neighborhoods of Kansas City. Included are the River Market, Downtown, the Crossroads District, Midtown, the Country Club Plaza, Brookside, Independence, the Northeast Neighborhood and the Northlands. The other tower consists of Kansas City "topical" themes. Those include restaurants, sports, jazz, museums, parks, theaters, transportation and Harry S. Truman.

So if you are in Kansas City and would like to see a lot of my work on display, then visit the Ramada Intrigue Park Place Hotel. And if you would like, contact me and I will meet with you there.

Check out my artwork on the Ramada Intrigue Park Place Hotel web site.

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